1. services

The Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne (hereinafter referred to as SHL) selects management and specialist staff for you. We attach great importance to ensuring that our candidates match your desired profile. That is why we carry out each selection reliably, carefully and competently and present you with a complete and clearly structured dossier with the candidates' consent.

2. contingency fee for job placement

The success fee is calculated on the basis of the first gross annual income. This corresponds to the total compensation for the candidate's work, including all additional allowances (e.g. bonus payments, gratuities, fixed expenses, commission shares, etc.). The gross annual income is identical to the target income in the case of variable income. The following rates apply:

5%Gross annual incometoCHF99’999.00
8%Gross annual incomefromCHF100’000.00

The fee is exclusive of VAT, is due after a successfully completed probationary period of 3 months from the date of commencement of employment and is payable net within 10 days of the invoice date. For part-time contracts (less than 80%), 2/3 of the fee will be invoiced based on the hypothetical 100% gross annual salary.

3. search request variants
We distinguish between the following types of search requests on the basis of the procedure:
3.1.1 Simple search request:

You inform us of your requirements, including a job description and a profile of requirements for the relevant vacancy, and we will place suitable candidates with you at the regular success fees and purely on a contingency basis.

3.1.2 Mandate with initiation costs (small mandate)

We take over the targeted search for suitable candidates for you. In doing so, we pay particular attention to a specific and free insertion on the free labour market. As an advance payment in the sense of a credit for the writing and placement of online advertisements on selected platforms as well as the pre-selection we provide

CHF 3,500.00 (up to a gross annual salary of CHF 99,999.00) and

CHF 5,000.00 (from a gross annual salary of CHF 100,000.00).

This amount will be deducted from the contingency fee after successful completion of the assignment.

We are also happy to take on further assignments, which are regulated in the form of individual cooperation agreements between the contracting parties and agreed with corresponding conditions depending on the work involved.

4. third-party costs / additional services

Third-party costs such as advertising, typesetting and printing costs, headhunting research costs, additional expenses in connection with social networks as well as services such as assessments, tests and special clarifications will be invoiced in addition to the fee.

5. warranty service

If an employment contract is terminated within the first 2 months of taking up the position, SHL will take over the new search without any fee costs or reimburse 50% of the fee paid, provided that the reasons for the departure lie with the candidate. If the resignation takes place in the 3rd month, we will refund 30% or take over the new search. Additional placements, clarifications and further/new third-party services such as direct research and full-size assessment are at the client's expense. From the 4th month of employment onwards, there are no further claims for reimbursement and liability. In general, further claims by the client are excluded.

6. data protection

All information or documents received from clients and candidates are treated as strictly confidential by SHL. The application documents submitted to you are to be treated in the same way and may not be forwarded to third parties without our knowledge. Documents from unsuccessful candidates must be returned to us.

7. candidate protection

Our clients grant SHL candidate protection for the duration of one year from the first presentation of a candidate. If a contract of employment is concluded between the client and the candidate within this period, SHL shall be entitled to demand payment of the fee in accordance with these terms and conditions.

8. effectiveness of the conditions

The aforementioned terms and conditions shall come into effect upon verbal and written placement of the order by the client, or upon receipt of the application documents from a candidate of SHL.

9 Jurisdiction and applicable law

The place of jurisdiction is the registered office of the Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne. Swiss law is applicable.

Status March 2022